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Voyage of Pytheas Shirt

Voyage of Pytheas Shirt

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A shirt showing a map of the voyage of Pytheas of Massalia in his quest to discover the unexplored northern lands of Europe. The shirt is orange and red over an off white background. 100% cotton, 220 GSM.

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Around 330 BC, a remarkable adventurer named Pytheas set out from the Greek colony of Massalia (now Marseille) on the Mediterranean Sea to explore the fabled, terrifying lands of northern Europe. His discoveries were so incredible that Ancient Greek historians called him a liar, but, in recent times, he has been vindicated by modern science.

Pytheas dared to leave the Gates of Hercules, sail up the Atlantic coast of France, explore the British isles, Scandinavia, and even up to the Arctic Circle where he discovered the mythical land of Thule and the aurora borealis.

Pytheas' writings have been lost to history but his journey can be pieced together through descriptions from later historians.



100% cotton, 220 GSM


XS -
length 24, width 17, sleeve 12.5
S - length 25, width 18, sleeve 13

M - length 27, width 19, sleeve 13.5

L - length 29, width 20.5, sleeve 14

XS -
length 61.5, width 43.5, sleeve 32
S - length 64, width 46, sleeve 33.5

M - length 69, width 48.5, sleeve 35

L - length 20.5, width 52.5, sleeve 36

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