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Polynesian Explorer Shirt

Polynesian Explorer Shirt

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A shirt showing a map of the journey taken by the Polynesian explorers across the pacific ocean. The shirt is green and orange over an off white background. 100% cotton, 220 GSM.

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Over the course of almost 3000 years, Polynesian explorers settled thousands of islands across the Pacific Ocean, starting from Taiwan and eventually reaching Easter Island, and possibly South America.

The ancestors of the Polynesians were skilled seafarers who memorised navigational instructions and passed their knowledge down through folklore, cultural heroes, and simple oral stories. This shirt shows the journey of the Polynesians across the Pacific ocean with locations and dates of discovery.


100% cotton, 220 GSM


XS -
length 24, width 17, sleeve 12.5
S - length 25, width 18, sleeve 13

M - length 27, width 19, sleeve 13.5

L - length 29, width 20.5, sleeve 14

XS -
length 61.5, width 43.5, sleeve 32
S - length 64, width 46, sleeve 33.5

M - length 69, width 48.5, sleeve 35

L - length 20.5, width 52.5, sleeve 36

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