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Mayan Ruins Longsleeve

Mayan Ruins Longsleeve

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A long-sleeve shirt featuring the Mayan god Kukulkan in serpent form, coiled around Mayan characters. This design showcases Kukulkan, the deity of wind, water, and knowledge, in the form of the feathered serpent.

The design is printed on each sleeve of the shirt, with one sleeve featuring red characters and a blue serpent, while the other sleeve features blue characters and a red serpent, representing the concepts of ambition and civilization. The distinct contrast between the vivid colors and the immaculate white backdrop makes this shirt unique and eye-catching.

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Available in XS, S, M, L & XL sizes.


Kukulkan, the Mayan god of rain, wind, storms, life, and knowledge, is a figure shrouded in mystery and ancient lore.

Worshiped by the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, Kukulkan's influence is felt to this day, a testament to the enduring power of his legacy. Legends tell of Kukulkan's role in bringing civilization to the Maya people, the invention of human speech and written symbols, and the creation of the Mayan calendar - a massive stone disk that foretold the future.

Kukulkan's influence extends beyond mere gifts to humanity. He is also associated with earthquakes, a reminder of his awesome power and the reverence with which he was held by the ancient peoples who worshipped him.

Today, Kukulkan's image can be found in the ruins of ancient temples across Central America.


100% cotton, 220 GSM


XS -
length 24, width 17, sleeve 12.5
S - length 25, width 18, sleeve 13

M - length 27, width 19, sleeve 13.5

L - length 29, width 20.5, sleeve 14

XS -
length 61.5, width 43.5, sleeve 32
S - length 64, width 46, sleeve 33.5

M - length 69, width 48.5, sleeve 35

L - length 20.5, width 52.5, sleeve 36

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