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Franklin Expedition Shirt

Franklin Expedition Shirt

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A shirt showing a map of the journey taken by the lost Franklin Expedition in search of the Northwest Passage. The shirt is blue and yellow over an off white background. 100% cotton, 220 GSM.

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The search for the Northwest Passage was a quest that had consumed some of Europe’s most accomplished mariners for centuries, a generations-spanning obsession that chipped away at European understanding of North America’s high latitudes, sometimes at great cost to both vessels and lives.

The Franklin Expedition, consisting of HMS Terror & HMS Erebus, set out on May 19 1845 as the best equipped crew to ever attempt the voyage. They were seen for the last time at Baffin Bay, just east of the Passage’s entrance; and then, they vanished. None of the crew ever to be seen by Europeans again. There are many theories as to what happened to the lost Franklin Expedition but none were ever confirmed, it remains a mystery to this day.


100% cotton, 220 GSM


XS -
length 24, width 17, sleeve 12.5
S - length 25, width 18, sleeve 13

M - length 27, width 19, sleeve 13.5

L - length 29, width 20.5, sleeve 14

XS -
length 61.5, width 43.5, sleeve 32
S - length 64, width 46, sleeve 33.5

M - length 69, width 48.5, sleeve 35

L - length 20.5, width 52.5, sleeve 36

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